Misty Mate ® meets The PAW

A Match Made in Heaven on Earth!

W e are proud to introduce the PAW ™ (acronym for Phess Attachment Wand ). Together, the PAW ™ and the popular Misty Mate® pump form an innovative noiseless personal cleansing device (PCD) that is more desirable than toilet paper.

The PAW ™ is a quick connect /disconnect, sturdy yet flexible spray wand with a sliding flow control switch. The PAW ™ connects to the Misty Mate® tube via a medical grade luer connector. When not in use, the PAW ™ is simply stored in the Misty Mate® carrying pouch.

The PAW ™ is constructed of medical grade components

•  Durable malleable tip made of Clear PVC material (latex free)

•  High Impact Strength POLYCARBONATE switch with ACETAL slider (wear resistant)

•  Switch has audible click to assure flow is completely stopped

•  Quick Connect/Disconnect Male Luer

•  Light as a feather

Wash-it away with The PAW

Simple, affordable and discreet. Your travel companion from PHESS ®

The PAW ™ sells for $24.99 USD and is available at http://www.phess.ca

T he Misty Mate® pump comes in three sizes – 10 oz, 16 oz, & 24 oz. We recommend the 16 oz deluxe version . It offers everything the regular model offers and more! It comes in a sporty style, with a side mesh pocket as well as a storage pocket. Tubing (3 feet) easily coils up and slides into the mesh pocket while the Phess® attachment wand (The PAW ) fits nicely in the main pouch alongside the bottle . The 16 oz container provides ample water capacity for an effective bottom cleansing.

The Misty Mate® is lightweight and easy to use . Simply unscrew the cap, revealing the large mouth water bottle. Fill with warm water ( Ideal temperature is between 98 °F & 104°F ) and pump it up! Similar to the Original Phess®, the Misty Mate® uses a Built-in pump to pressurize the system. No batteries, no motors, no noise!

For more information on the Misty Mate® pump please visit:

The Misty Mate® Pump 16oz.

They offer a great price and excellent service, and will accommodate your choice of color when available. Colors are: Grey/Black, Grey/Blue, Grey/Red, and Grey/Yellow


Phess BidetThe Bidet you take with you

At home or on the road, the Phess Portable Bidet provides a gentle spray of blissfully warm water, it cleans, it soothes, it saves your butt!

The Phess Portable Bidet is a unique and affordable personal bidet that cleans beyond what bathroom toilet paper can achieve.

How to use the Phess Portable Bidet?

Using the Phess Bidet is a simple three step process:

The first step is to fill the tank with water. Depending on the individual user this may be necessary once a week or daily.

The second step requires that you connect the heater cord to an electrical outlet. This will allow the water to reach and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Finally, pressure is created using the manual pump – You are now ready to cleanse.

The Bidet – Why Phess ?

The Phess Bidet has clear advantages. The only device of its kind to offer simplicity, versatility, effectiveness and comfort all in one!

  • The Phess Bidet comes ready to use. No tools! No plumbing! No installation required! More convenient than toilet seat bidets.
  • The Phess Bidet incorporates the use of sophisticated electronics to automatically pre-heat and maintain the water temperature to the factory set comfort level. There are no dials to adjust, saving you time and grief. As an added security measure, the heating element will automatically shut down when insufficient water is detected.
  • When the Phess Bidet is required, simply carry it to the lavatory of your choice. Alternately, and for your convenience, a GFCI outlet may be installed near the commode by a qualified electrician.
  • A manual pump allows the Phess Bidet to be conveniently used without electricity. Once the water has reached the pre-set comfort level, Phess can be disconnected, carried to the desired location, and conveniently used without any constraints.
  • Unlike seat or basin mounted units that are prone to fecal or urinary splash back, the Phess Bidet remains out of the basin until the opportune time, making the entire process extremely sanitary.
  • As a wand sprayer, the Phess Bidet provides full directional motion for faster, superior cleaning and allows the user to remain comfortably seated without any awkward or uncomfortable positioning of the hands.
  • The Phess Bidet offers a clear advantage for those who do not wish to alter the décor of their bathroom. Since it can be stored after each use, no unsightly tubes, plumbing or wires protrude from the toilet. This allows peace of mind when guests need to use the facilities as it leaves the elegance of the bathroom unchanged.

The Phess Bidet allows all to be fresh and clean while at home or away! The PHESS portable bidet takes personal cleansing to a new level with an ingenious water heater that automatically controls the temperature, for a soothing alternative to cold-water only bidets and harsh bathroom toilet paper. Proper control of water pressure is achieved through the use of a manually pressurised pump and the use of an adjustable lever. In addition, the use of a hand-held wand offers superior cleansing and is more sanitary than the use of two-dimensional swivel axis seat bidet or the use of basin and faucet mounted bidets.

A Phess portable bidet is essential for a clean and healthy anus & perianal area. A Phess portable bidet is essential for Post-operative use and nursing home care. A Phess portable bidet is essential for the elderly with restricted mobility or incontinence. A Phess portable bidet is essential for Individuals with frequent bouts of diarrhea, High frequency stools, or bathroom toilet paper intolerance. A Phess portable bidet is essential for Anyone with Crohn's Disease. A Phess portable bidet is essential for Anyone with Colon Cancer. A Phess portable bidet is essential for Anyone with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or any other Bowel Disorder. A Phess portable bidet is essential for those afflicted with Arthritis. A Phess portable bidet is essential for those afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy. A Phess portable bidet is essential for those afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. A Phess portable bidet is essential for Hemorrhoids treatment -- A Phess portable bidet soothes that itching or burning sensation. A Phess portable bidet helps during Constipation -- A Phess portable bidet helps activate stool passage during constipation. A Phess portable bidet is great for Feminine hygiene use during menstruation or post-pregnancy