Whatever you call it: Butt, Arse, Rump, Down There, Southern Hemisphere, Aunt Fanny, Keister, Wazoo, Derrière, Posterior, Tush, Bum, Backside, Rear End, Buttocks, La Bonza, Foufounes, Seat, Behind, Heiny, Bottom...How you clean it, is a topic seldom talked about.

Many go on, unnecessarily suffering with anal discomfort, reluctant to discuss symptoms related to this sensitive area. Overcoming this fear is of primal importance, as the first step should be to talk to a doctor, who will, if existing, identify any underlying cause, e.g. IBS, Crohn’s disease, Colon or Colorectal Cancer. Common complaints such as itching, burning, incontinence, blood in the stool and offensive odor add up to anguish and embarrassment. Whatever the origin, many perianal discomforts can be alleviated or prevented by simply changing the way you clean yourself!

Consider what you are doing now, overzealous wiping with dry toilet paper may damage the very sensitive skin around the anus, therefore perpetuating the problem; moreover, toilet paper is rough and easily crumbled leaving tiny bits of paper trapped in the anal skin causing irritation. Scratching may temporarily relieve itchiness, but this futile action only worsens the situation. The use of soap or pre-moistened towelettes (wipes) may remove the natural perianal lubricants causing irritation. In most cases, anal ointments, creams and suppositories should be avoided, as some contain irritants that may cause allergic reactions and worsen the problem; further, some may actually interfere with the anus and promote incontinence.