About Me

On January 16th 1996, I was diagnosed with invasive adenocarcinoma of the colorectal-type (Colorectal Cancer) - I was 28 years old. Less then a week later, Surgeons proceeded with a low resection to remove a lesion near the anal verge. Complications followed and I nearly lost my life...Ten years later, PHESS has become essential as I strive for a quality of life that equals or exceeds my pre-cancer years.

As an Electronic Field Technician, I have had the opportunity to travel abroad repeatedly; although this has been enlightening, at times it has proved equally distressing due to my condition. During my travels,I discovered that many countries use streaming water for personal cleansing. This allowed me to recognize the existence of electronic bidets called Washlets. Over the years I have had the opportunity to use and test various types; luxury electronic Washlets, mini-travel Washlets, basin & seat mounted bidets, cold-water only hand-held shower wands, as well as, the classic bidet. In my view, all have significant drawbacks.

Out of sheer necessity, PHESS was born.

Chris Plouffe

Phess Founder & User

Many thanks to my wife and daughters for their opinions and support, as well as, Peter for his knowledge, hard work, and dedication to making this product and site a reality.